Meet Our Staff

The staff at Shepherd's Heart Christian School, are not only skilled, educated, and gifted, They are each passionately committed to serving the students and families of the school.

Pastor Darin Shedelbower

President of Shepherd’s Heart Christian Ministries Inc./School Administrator/

Lead Pastor

Pastor Darin Shedelbower attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and has more than 10 years

experience as children and family discipleship pastor and Christian school administrator. He has

been a senior pastor for five years and has been the administrator at Shepherd’s Heart

Christian School for two years.

Pastor Darin has more than 20 years experience teaching in a variety of contexts. He has

taught youth and adult Bible studies and parenting classes. He also regularly teaches verse by

verse through the Bible. He also has 18 years experience in marriage and family counseling.

Mrs. Liza Marie Shedelbower 3rd-5th

Vice President of Shepherd’s Heart Christian Ministries Inc./School Director/

Lead Elementary Teacher

Mrs. Liza Marie Shedelbower has a Bachelor of Arts from Ringling College in Interior Design.

She holds certificates in behavioral learning, classroom management, and shadow support

training. Mrs. Shedelbower has completed 150 hours of teacher training at Pensacola Christian

College and has almost 20 years of classroom experience.

In addition to her classroom experience, Mrs. Shedelbower has worked with three different

private schools over the past 16 years overseeing student scholarship funding, including McKay

Scholarships. She has hired and trained tutors to work in conjunction with students to fulfill the

needs outlined in individual education plans (IEP). She has designed multilevel learning

classrooms with zone teaching for more than two years.

For nearly 20 years, Mrs. Shedelbower has been involved in a variety of aspects of ministry.

She has taught women’s Bible studies, led children’s ministry and been involved in family

counseling and training.

Mrs. Florence Sommer K-2nd

Mrs. Florence Sommers K-2nd Teacher 

Mrs. Sommers teaches Kindergarten through second grade, which she focuses on the foundational elements of reading, writing, and math. She is very skilled in teaching these building blocks of elementary learning. She has experience in Classical education, as well as, traditional learning environments.

 In addition, she teaches a hands-on science and classical approach to history.

She has completed

80 hours of teacher training at Pensacola Christian College and has almost 13 years of

classroom teaching experience. She has worked in various Private and public schools school settings.

Mrs. Amy Sietsma 6th-12th

Teacher, Literature, Grammar, and History

Mrs. Amy Sietsma has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Murray State

University. She has completed 40 hours of teacher training at Pensacola Christian College and

has almost 10 years of classroom experience in addition to almost 10 years of experience in

academic publishing. She has completed most of the academic coursework for a masters in


Mrs. Sietsma teaches a variety of literature courses for both middle and high school. Her

courses incorporate a project learning approach to literary analysis and appreciation. She

teaches fundamental grammar concepts in conjunction with practical writing skills. Using the

"Mystery of History" program, she teaches courses that focus on world history from the early

church to modern day.

Mrs. Sietsma has a variety of ministry experience including teaching Sunday school, leading

children’s worship, teaching women’s Bible study classes and serving as part of women’s

ministry leadership.

Ms. Wendy Jo Lowe 6th-12th


Science and Mathematics

Ms. Wendy Jo Lowe has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Allied Legal Services and Psychology from

the University of Central Florida where she graduated summa cum laude. She has completed

40 hours of teacher training at Pensacola Christian College and has almost 2 years of

classroom experience.

Ms. Lowe teaches middle school earth science which focuses on geology, climate, and

astronomy. Her high school physical science course focuses on physics, chemistry, and energy.

She also teaches an upper elementary mathematics class. In addition, she facilitates a middle

school life science course that focuses on cellular biology, genetics, botany, zoology and human


Ms. Lowe has a variety of ministry experience including working with youth and women’s Bible


Mrs. Nicole Hetherington 9th-12th

Teacher of Upper-level 

Math, Government, and Economics

Mrs. Nicole Hetherington has a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbus College of Georgia

and an associates degree in Meteorology and weather forecasting from the Community College

of the Air Force. The 2017-2018 school year was her first formal classroom experience, but Mrs.

Hetherington has more than 20 years experience as a homeschool teacher.

Mrs. Hetherington teaches two high school courses, government, and economics. Her

government course focuses on the founding principles of the United States government,

including private property rights, representative governments and the concept of the consent of

the governed. Her economics course is an introduction to the basic principles of economics with

a focus on the benefits of a free enterprise system.

Miss Isabella Hetherington

Teacher Aide/ Office Assistant/Tutoring

Miss Isabella Hetherington has an Associates of Arts in general studies and is working on

completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at State College of Florida. She has two

years of cumulative experience as a tutor.

Miss Isabella has a variety of duties which include administrative assistant tasks, assisting with

supervision for recess and lunch and escorting students on breaks.